Grover Cleaning Company

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Grover Cleaning Company has experience in cleaning service providing for more than one decade and they are providing commercial and residential cleaning services in HalfMoon Bay, Palo Alto, and San Francisco peninsula. This company is started by a husband and wife name Grover Gijon and wife Esperanza Gijon. This company was started in 2001, and the cleaning journey is started. Grover Cleaning management is highly committed to make this community neat and clean and provide good cleaning services to the community at their doorstep.

They are hardworking and very responsible couples and then this business started growing. Currently, they are cleaning houses, offices, schools, and theaters, and they are trying hard to boost their business. Customer satisfaction is very important for the company and they need customer’s recommendations that’s why they provide excellent services. Grover Cleaning Company have an experienced and reliable team and they are working with the company for many years. The biggest goal of the company is to grow and serve the community and make this world neat and clean.

Residential Cleaning

Grover Company cleans homes from large to cottages, offices, departments, colleges, and many other buildings. Below are the residential cleaning services that they are providing to help homeowners to make their house neat and clean like new.

Kitchen Cleaning

  • Silverware
  • Every Counter
  • Sink
  • Stove & Oven
  • Refrigerator, Inside and Outside

Bathroom Cleaning

  • Sink
  • Floor
  • Toilet
  • Mirrors, Lamps, and Bulbs
  • Bath or Shower

Living Room Cleaning

  • General Vacuuming
  • Dusting
  • Sofas, Lambs and Bulbs

Dining Room Cleaning

  • Table and Chairs
  • Dusting Around table, Lamps, and Bulbs

Commercial Cleaning

Grover Cleaning Company offers commercial building cleanings services to offices, schools, rental management, real estate properties, theaters, businesses, etc.

The commercial cleaning services have some meticulous cleanings approach as resident cleaning, special request and also cleaning schedule as required.

  • Industrial Vacuums
  • Building Cleaning Scheduling
  • Industrial Mops
  • Garbage Bags of Large Industries
  • Industrial Brooms

Their biggest dream is to see their customer’s satisfaction among their company and always try to exceed the customers’ expectations. Grover Cleaning is proud of taking the job very seriously and delivering professional cleaning services and standards. Whatever you need from the company they have for you they are experts in cleaning services and have proud of the work they do for their customers. Grover Cleaning is the fastest growing cleaning company and they do perfect work and always satisfy their customers.