JAN-PRO Cleaning Systems

JAN-PRO cleaning systems are built on the trust, excellence, and reliability in cleaning. They offer customized cleaning plans and very dedicated support. Jan-Pro requires their franchise owners to complete their extensive training on the Jan-Pro brand standard, Jan-Pro branded program, the latest technology, and latest cleaning checklist and techniques of services.

Why Choose JAN-PRO

Jan-Pro is a leading brand in the cleaning industry, it has perfected cleaning solutions, products, services, technologies, and equipment for over 20 years.

  • They have a disinfecting process, cling to and surrounds surfaces they touch while killing dangerous bacteria’s.
  • Their hospital strength products protect and clean your facilities.
  • Their backpack vacuum systems exceed HEPA standard for filtration for enhanced air quality and cleaning qualities.
  • The color-coded cleaning microfiber cloths eliminate the germ transfer from your desk to bathroom, break other equipment’s and areas.


Jan-Pro has a wide range of cleaning services including:

  • Banks & Financial
  • Automotive Dealership
  • Preschools and Day Care Centers
  • Business offices
  • Fitness Centers
  • Government
  • Medical Centers
  • Manufacturing & Industrial

Banks & Financial

Jan-Pro Bank & Financial cleaning services give you million-dollar clean at a minimum price. Their bank cleaning services provides to access to bring exceptional clean to the bank or loan centers.

Automotive Dealership

Jan-Pro gives you great cleaning services for your auto dealership. Their commercial cleaning services make your auto dealership business spotless and sparkling location for showcasing your vehicles.

Preschools and Day Care Centers

The safety of the kids is the most important thing when you are running a daycare school. Their daycare services protect kids from bacteria and germs. Jan-Pro is the most trusted cleaning service provider for American preschools and daycare centers.

Business Offices

Business offices need regular cleaning for a decent and clean environment. Jan-Pro business offices cleaning services are the best in the city and they help you to make your office look clean neat and beautiful always.

this picture shows cleaning involving the JAN-PRO cleaning system

Fitness Centers

Fitness cleaning services are the key to give a clean and workout friendly environment to your customers. Jan-Pro gives you hand to keep your fitness center neat and clean and kill the germs too.


Cost-effective and smooth operation is a big key for government facilities, that must include day-to-day cleanings. Their government cleaning services offer you good cleaning for state, federal, or municipal facilities, also delivers exceptional cleaning services at low costs.

Medical Centers

Hygiene is one of the most important things for medical centers. Jan-Pro helps you clean and disinfect your medical centers. They follow the high standards of cleaning set by OSHA, AORN, CDC, and Joint Commission to make your medical center’s bacteria-free and cleans.